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Global Education

Study Group in Nara

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Global Education

"Global" in English means the Japanese"chikyu no". Global Education is thus education that covers various issues from all over the world. It is important of course that the children who will grow into the adults of the future receive this education in their schools, but also that current adults out in society have a place to study it.
It is hard to understand the concept from just this, so let us take a look at what it involves. We tried dividing the issues we presently face into four categories, as follows.

1. International Relations
International exchange,understanding of other cultures, foreign students, Japanese students returned from a period of living in Japanese,etc.

2. Thinking internationally within our own borders
Minority groups including North and South Korean nationals with longtime residents in Japan and Ainus, foreign residents, wartime displaced repatriates from overseas and their families, etc.

3. Domestic human rights
Issues of discrimination against buraku, the handicapped, woman, etc.

4. World-scale issues
Economics, poverty, race, population, food, energy,education, children, gender, refugees, Aids, discrimination, wars and disputes, etc.

As can be seen in each of these categories, there are all sorts of problems in present day society. The idea is to think about them one by one and again as a whole. There is thus breadth in the contents of Global Education, and these contents can be said to changes of the period. There are also other programs with contents similar to Global Education, such as Education for International Understanding and Development Education, as well as programs like Dowa (Human Rights) Education and Environmental Education that include related and overlapping points. This shows, we think, that there are various approaches to the issues of today's society but no great difference in their final aims.
As another point, reaching understanding in global education involves all the participants' thinking together and physically acting things out in a participative form of learning. It does not take the form of on-sided listening to things whose conclusion is already known,but rather, the participants themselves think out solutions as each situation arises. This learning method has until now probably not seen much use in Japan. Because of this, we believe it involves rethinking Japanese education.

Global Education Study Group in Nara

The Global Education Study Group in Nara began its activities in October 1991. The group aims to raise citizens of the world to live in the international society of the 21st century. It holds study meetings regularly once each month.
In the beginning, members were mainly those with experience as Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers and living in Nara Prefecture, but they now vary and include teachers, students and housewives. Here is a brief introduction to some of the things we have covered in our monthly meetings.
*Japaneses and Overseas Women and Society: Bangladeshi Society and Women; also, On the Fall in Japan's Birthrate
*Eruption of Mount Pinatubo and the Damage Caused
*Workshop for Thinking of the World
*Let's Try Some Nepali Cooking
*Regional Society & Internationalization: Experiences of a Foreign Resident Assisting the Daily Lives of Japanese War displaces Repatriated from China
*Kenyan Education & Society: Experiences of a Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers
Thus we continue with our studies on the world's various issues, with those present not just listening to talks but participating in eating and games and discussions.
From now on, we hope to gain more members and continue our Global Education Study Group in Nara activities not only in school education but also in social education and various other situations. We also hope to keep contacts and cooperate as much as possible with other groups with similar activities. Anyone interested can participate.

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