Here is "Shogi(Japanese Chess) class for Travelers 
August 15, 2014


Shogi(Japanese Chess) class for Travelers in Nara


  Contents  How to move a pieces
        Instruction games, etc.
        In additions(based on hope)
        (I would like to paticipants will be able to play Japanese Chess)

  Intend for Incoming tourist of Nara stay
        (Japan residents, please come to the class on Saturday)

  Place    Hotel, guesthouse, coffee shop, etc. in Nara city
        (Each put out the cost of drinks)

  Time    2 hours of 7:00 to 10:00 pm, from Monday to Friday

  Fee(includes document charges) 1 person 3,000yen
                  2 or more people, one 2,500 yen

  Instructer KOBI Jiro (Japan Shogi Association certified instructor)

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